Yay!  What a brilliant start to our blog!  Thank you for all your support and kindness and everybody and the like.  Here is what you have been saying about us – (under the threat of being super glued to a chair and being held at needle point – but we needn’t say anymore about that little incident) …

“All I can say is I ate all of it and polished my plate ( with my wig for obvious reasons)…and it tasted goooood.Splendid work you gorgeous girls.Not entirelly convinced to knit socks but maybe in my next life…also am very keen on Aunty Beryl as she looks like someone I could pour my heart out too whilst chewing over a bone together.”

“Like it schmike it!”

“Loving it girls!!!”

“I missed the opening again. I was first in the queue for the bargains…well my tent was attacked by a plague of blue bottle flies, then while I was trying to swat them away a very large red ball bounced on top of it and then everything went white and I looked up and it was 8 o’clock. I have enjoyed my wander around the store and picked up some good ideas. Thank you for Thursday.”

“It’s lovely and we love it!”

“You can’t help but like this. Written by such a talented loon.  An ideal read for an afternoon in with a nice cup of tea and when you are looking for some creative inspiration.  Well done you!!”

“I’m almost tempted to dig out my double ended knitting needles!”

“I must complain about your total disregard for a classic album. By all means destroy music – but the lovely Daniel O’Donnell … surely that’s taking things too far.”

“Great blog ladies!”

“Fantastic site ladies! I am working my way through it, but once again have to say that I love your SOH (both of you). Whilst I admit to being ‘poor’ at crafty things, I have always loved seeing dear Liz’s creations as they pop up online.”

“I love your wool ladies!”

“Extraordinary girls,……you have totally encapsulated the world of arts and crafts in a  unique way.”

“Emma David is a writer touched with rare genius. I loved her “Lady Garden” thoughts.  More from Emma David, please.”

“Great work, kiddos!!”

“I have very much enjoyed my leisurely wander around your esteemed Emporium on this wet May afternoon and look forward to many more visits. Great work, girls.”

And these are some that we made up …

Dear BBC1

I am very sorry, but I will not be able to go to work today on Primetime TV as I have a very bad tummy.

Yours sincerely

Willy Pees

(Right, let’s go and see about getting me some of Miss C’s Socks, her Socks, her Lovely Lady Socks.  Check ’em out!)

 “Yes?  Can we help you Sir?”
“Certainly Sir.  If you just click on the link above you will be there in a jiffy!”
“No Problem Sir.”
“Goodbye Sir” (whispers) “Dull Boy!”
“May ONE bless this creative blog and all who sail in her, and hopes that ONE will be amused by its contents … and that it won’t be crap.”

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