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This morning I visited my most favouritist neighbour in the whole wide world, the lovely Maddy. I expected a cuppa (goes without saying), and that we would chat away the hours putting the world to rights with our infinite wisdom, talking about various other neighbours in ‘da block’ where we live and laughing.

While we were chatting Maddy showed me how to make a ‘Hank’.

‘Hank’ and friends, Cliff and Sylvia.

All you need to make one is a piece of cardboard, some wool, 6 elastic band, scissors, buttons and anything else that you might like to adorn your Hank with.

1. Wrap wool round and round the cardboard. How many times is entirely up to you. If you want a podgy Hank keep on going.

2. Remove wool from the cardboard and wrap an elastic band round and round to make a neck.

3. Turn Hank up-side-down and chop off his bottom so that his loopy bits become dangly bits.

4. Lay Hank on the table and divide his bottom, under the neck bits in to 3. The 2 outer bits should be thinner because they’ll be the arms. Wrap an elastic band around the bigger middle bit to make a waist.

5. Plat arms and wrap elastic bands around to make wrists. Divide and plat legs and put elastic bands around.

Now is time to use your imagination………

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I’m already thinking that less is more when it comes to explaining how to make a pair of socks, maybe because I am feeling a little lazy this morning, or maybe less really is more. Anyway here before you in glorious techincolour…I will begin.

You need: A sock knitting pattern – A set of double pointed knitting needles – Wool – Paper – Pen/pencil – Beverage of choice..

Pattern: Make it simple

Double pointed needles: use whatever the pattern asks. If you’ve never used double pointed needles before thicker is better!

Wool: The possibilities are endless

Paper: Tis better to mark your rows off on a piece of paper rather than on the pattern because it gets all confusing.

Pen/Pencil: You cant tick rows without it.

Beverage of choice: If you start with tea you’ll probably end up with vodka anyway so why not start with the vodka, unless of course you’re not of the vodka drinking age.

Although you’ll be working on lots of needles it’s easier to start by casting on to 1 needle and then dividing them on to the other needles.

Divide stitches on to 3 or 4 needles (it’ll tell you how many in the pattern).

Start ribbing. The first 3 rows may be tricky!

How’s it going? Want to give up yet? No, then carry on. Yes, shame on you!  Why not cast off and make a cowl for the man in your life?

It gets cold in the jungle

Now you will need ro knit the tube. I love the next bit because, it’s easy, you only knit knit stitch but it looks like stocking stitch, and if you are knitting with cool patterned wool it’ll start to look cool very soon!

Alternative uses for the tube if you give up….

Cast off now and your barbie doll can have this stunning dress, flattering although a little baggy in the back or, use it as a handy straw dispenser.

Now knit your flappy bit, easy enough, and…the fun is over. This is where things get serious.

1.Shape heel. 2. Pick up stitches on sides and place markers. 3. Decrease stitches to form le gusset.

Now, if you’ve got this far you’ve done the most difficult bit. Do a little dance around which ever room you happen to be in and feel chuffed with yourself. It’s an easy ride to sock heaven now……

Now all that remains is for you to knit the foot bit (size dependant on the size of your foot), according to your instructions.

Free foot with every sock purchased (see inside for details)

Do you have socks appeal?

Show us what you’re made of, or at the very least what your socks are made of. Send us your pictures of your attempts at sock knitting however grand or not they may be. Any sock related questions, ask away We would be happy to show off your glorious sock making contributions. Go on, show us yer socks!

I’m going to pretend that I want to teach you how to make socks, and to discuss ‘sock making issues!’ In reality Miss H has let me lose, for the first and possibly the last time, on the blog. I have the password and I’m not afraid to use it :o) I’ve been stealthy making my way round ‘the blog’ for 20 minutes now and I have managed, I think, not to delete important stuff. I’m thinking very quietly whilst I make my way round. I feel like I have broken in to a very important building. The corridors are dark, the caretaker has left for the night. Any sudden movements will be greeted by the sound of sirens and I will be suddenly ‘floodlit’ from all possible directions. I make my way upstairs……. Shall I try changing the typeface? How bout a bit of bold…:o) The possibilities are endless. And so back to sock making. Hold on a minute, I’m tired now. Sock discussion tomorrow then, if the blog is still here. Ps. Love you Miss H xx

The Joy of Socks

Reasons why you should.

Socks are cool, more cool even than a hand knitted Christmas jumper.

We all wear socks so what could be better than having a fabulous pair knitted by your own fair hands.

People who cannot are impressed by those who can :o)

The quality of hand knitted socks is better than shop socks and even multi coloured shop socks!

You can make them short or long, pink, purple or blue, stripy, patterned…..


Reasons why you shouldn’t.

It’s not easy to knit socks. Working with 4 or 5 needles can lead to a fair amount of swearing and finger blisters.

Instructions are not always ‘simple’ even though this word may be written all over the packaging.

If knitting socks with 5 blister inducing needles, whilst following non simple instructions, isn’t hard enough, you will have to repeat the whole process so that you have a pair.

Knitting a second sock can be mind numbingly boring.

And once you’ve finished…

After telling you how fabulous your socks are you will inevitably hear the words ‘You couldn’t knit me a pair could you?’ Well, no I couldn’t knit you a pair, is what you’ll be thinking. ‘Okay , of course I will’, is what you’ll be saying… And then you will spend the rest of your days avoiding that person.    If they do happen to run up beside you down some alley way in the future you will pretend that you decided that knitting was no longer  your ‘thang’, that your wool got eaten by moths, or that you’ve got soooo  many orders you won’t be able to make any for them for the next 20 years.

Just because you can it doesn’t mean you will.

As with all socks one day you’ll go to the drawer and one of your finest hand knitted socks will have left home and gone, never to be seen again!

Have I put you off? No. Then you are the man/woman for the sock knitting job. So adorn yourself with some double pointed needs, fine yarn and a ‘not so simple’ pattern and together will make ourselves a fine pair of HAND KNITTED SOCKS :O)