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Nifty and Thrifty is about anything purchased from a car boot/charity shop/grandma’s attic etc that is a utter joy and bargain to behold!   

Ms Hilary Bennett purchases …

We like, erm,  Kenneth – yes we do!

I wish to introduce you all to Ken. I found him in a charity shop amongst the Easter egg Wispa mugs and other debris one cold October day last July. Now, I know what you’re thinking. No no not that thing. That’s mildly perverted and the other thing is illegal in some US states. You are rightly thinking, while gazing at Ken, about despair and shame. The loss of some fundamental part of his life. Perhaps the loss of a major love. Love being the beast we cannot live without. Love is a many splendoured thing. And in no way is Ken trying to defile himself. No no no. Keep your mind from the gutter. Despair not dirty. Loss and Love not lechery. Has anyone noticed that elephant in the room?

The rather beautiful Miss Bennett holding Ken – who disappointingly is astonishingly small in real life and drives a red Ferrari to compensate for his tiny status

Well done Ms Bennett and Ken!  You are our winners of this months competition!  Trump!  Trump!  Your prize of joy awaits you …

(Serving Suggestion: Cold passarta, with a hint of out of date coleslaw and a scattering of cup a soup, garnished with a dandy lion and a wipe of the bottom)

… Your very own “Ernie” supping cup (we expect you to change your name to compliment your mug).

Got a Nifty and Thrifty purchase that you just can’t keep to yourself?  Then show your wares at The Emporium.  Send us a photo of your utter delight on our facebook page or by email at and remember to drop a few lines on why you love it so.  Two Nifties will be published and there will be a Thrifty prizefor the best one!  Whoo-hoo!  So get snapping up those bargains!


Miss H purchases …

Morcambe and Wise Joke Book – bringing me sunshine

What a delightful find my dear boy!  I very much like these two (I sport the Eric glasses and the Ernie “short, fart hairy legs”) – I feel that I have been cheated as it clearly states the price on the front – although the charity shop saw fit to charge me a whopping 99p!

Black Cat by Jan Pienkowski

This purchase makes me so happy that I could shout “KNIBBIDGE”!  There’s a story to this, so bear with me.  My daughter is of CBBC age and I spotted this print on “Danni’s House” (which is bearable but try “Horrible Histories” and “I’m Sorry I’ve got no Head” – fun for parent and child “The Chuckle Brothers” are only for the hard core) and fell in love with it instantly.  I promptly set about trying to find it on the old computer box – but to no avail.  One day (don’t you fret now – I’ve nearly finished) I was sitting on a crowed bus that smelt of fried chicken with sweaty polyester overtones when – WOZYER! – there it was in the window of a charity shoppe!  I promptly “dinged” the bell, got off the bus at the next stop, rushed to the shop and was prepared to hand them my life for the flowered cat – but they only wanted a mere fifteen pounds worth (which was lucky for them rather than me)!  Little did I know that it was also designed by Jan Pienkowski of “Haunted House Pop up Book” and “Meg and Mog” fame – yay!  It now resides in my kitchen and keeps me company when I’m burning coleslaw.

Miss C purchases …

I’ll have three pounds worth of table please

Le Grande bargain I bought this table for £3 on eBay from a man who had hoped to get more than £3 for his lovely table. I avoided eye contact with him when I handed my 3 gold coins to him and left as quickly as I could while he stood there and mumbled something about not having enough money for his trip abroad and how he loved ‘that’ table. Well I love ‘that’ table now, my bargain, my table :o) I love it because; It’s huge, I can spread out on it, there is room for my mess on it and there is still room for more….I can make a 1000 piece jigsaw on it and still have room to put my cuppa next to it. I can sit on the sofa and put my feet up on it and not upset whoever is building a card tower at the other end. I can pile books on it, sit on it, eat on it, and sometimes I even clean it. It doesn’t really clean up (which I like) but I can make it smell really nice with beeswax polish. And I can stash loads under it too! Mwahhh ha ha!

Susan Boyle …

I saw this whilst perusing a local charity shop and it was a whole £25.  Not cheap you might say for a bit of ole tat  but I could see potential and so I dragged it home and set to work….

… you shall go to the ball!

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