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Tatty Devine

Some girls have a fondness for diamonds, some have a likeness for pearls.  My weakness is a Plastic Moustache.  “But where, oh, where can I purchase one of these marvelous Moustaches that you talk of?”  Look no further dear reader.  For Tatty Devine is here.  Full of plastic charms and oddities that reside on ears, necks and fingers (to name but a few places) that will fill you will glee and brighten up your extremely dull existence!

New jewellery: Crowning Around. Shop now >

Remember to curtsey as Tatty Devine get all Patriotic with their Crown collection

Tatty Devine has featured very recently in the news (and even had the privilege to meet Ann Robinson on “Watch Dog” – gward bless ‘er) due to some extremely similar jewellery being sold at the young, fun (but now very, very naughty) Claires accessories.   All this nastiness has thankfully been resolved and Tatty Devine can now carry on with what they do best!  God bless every one of thems!

Pick of the Day …

That’s not my name! But, by golly I will change it to fit in that necklace!


Need a reason to personalize your own necklace at Tatty Devine?  You really shouldn’t, but if you insist, let me just “name drop” (tee hee) as Ms Shiffer can be seen sporting her jolly nice Claudia around her super model neck.  You may not have her looks (although I have often been told that I bear a considerable likeness to her with the lights off) but you can darn sure have her style in jewellery!

For further details on the marvelous creations at Tatty Devine please click on this link … – you know you want to!

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