Mrs H’s top hoe recommendations on what tickles her fancy in the world of sight, sound and something else …



Babble by Charles Saatchi (Booth-Clibbon Editions)

An interesting read about the knowledge and opinions that reside in the Saachi Brain. Chapters that at the very most are three pages short, covering such diverse subjects as “Your Last Meal on Death Row” to the delights of “Do you have a Toilet Face?”, with a smattering of personal thinks and thoughts with reference to the art and advertising world. Funny, informative and self deprecating. Reading “Babble” is almost as if you have invited Saatchi and wife to a drunken night of verbal debauchery whilst playing Pictionary and feasting on a Bargain Bucket.



Once (Written and directed by John Carney)

If the heady world of Jazz hands and epic musical numbers is not for you this little cracker is. Unpretentious and shot for a budget of €130,000 (and featuring professional musicians), the film focuses on the love story between a Dublin Busker and an Immigrant Czech flower girl. Due to its success, the film has now been turned into a musical and is presently showing at the Phoenix Theatre in London. Catch the original first on DVD and grab yourself a mansized box of tissues for extra measure. Not for sticky man juice by gubbens! Why do you always have to be so mean?



Here’s Willy Moon (Island Records)

Inspired by the 50’s, but keeping it real with a “brand new beat”, babies and grannies alike are bound to feel a common toe tapping sensation when our Willy’s in the house. If you are a proud owner of a telly box you will be familiar with “Yeah, Yeah”, which has been used to promote the successful portable gramophone player assembled by fruit. His new album features this natty little song, but my favourite so far is his first release entitled “I Wanna be your Man”. It’s short and sweet with a sound not dissimilar to singing in a NHS Hospital corridor that the government has unsuccessfully tried to close down. Our Willy gives a resounding “up yours” to the overproduced singles of the day. Catch the video for some serious dad dancing and a Platoon like moment (with less mess and not so much death). And may I just add, who couldn’t adore a man with such a title, although my personal preference would be to call him “Dicky Bumshow”, but that’s just me and my old fashioned ways.