Hello my lovely land lovers! Long time no blog. The Emporium has been busy transforming itself into some, well, rather special. We’ve gone all retro, shiver me timbers and have transformed ourselves from a caterpillar into a FANZINE …


Mrs H will be strutting her stuff and quite rightly thrusting parchment in the public hand on Saturday, 6th April at The Space Gallery, in North London.  The exhibition is FREE, The Emporium of Genius is FREE, so even if you are travelling from Skegness, you have still saved your pennies!  For more details regarding The Space Gallery, please click on the following linkage:- http://www.spaceatsouthgate.co.uk.


If you can not be bothered to leave the comfort of your own surroundings, do not fret!  For the price of postage and a promise of a kiss, we will gladly send you one (a fanzine that is) in the old post.  Contact Mrs H via the Facebook page, or email kerry19@talktalk.net and she will get stuffing that envelope and licking Queen Liz on the head.

Good tidings to you all!