Helena Maratheftis alias Thefty is a “self proclaimed neon-and-rhinestones kind of girl”.  Her works are bright, bold, quirky and very current.  She owns a thick black pen and quite frankly she is not afraid to use it!  The Emporium caught up with the Ms Maratheftis and asked her a few questions with regards to everything!  Her answerings are as follow …

Ms Maratheftis – or should I say Mother Nylon! Put down the black marker pen! We have you surrounded!

How have things changed since your first blog opening gambit (posted  on 17th Feb 2009)?  Let me jog your memory …

Hello there, Thefty here.

The point of this blog is to get my artwork further than my bedroom walls. I plan to show new stuff that I am working on, as well as old pieces that never saw the light of day, bless ‘em.

Back in 2009, I was at the very beginning of my creative career. Art was something I did on the side, as a very intense hobby with occasional paid work. These days I have the luxury of working on creative things all day.

“Oh No” –  Oh yes we say!  The first offering of Thefty art on the Helena’s blog.

What does “Thefty” mean?

Thefty is derived from my surname, MaraTHEFTIs. It started as a nickname from a good friend, and I liked it so much that I use it as an artistic alias.

“Black Irises” – Self Portrait

What is your favorite medium (and we don’t mean Derek Acorah)?

For illustrations, I love black pens and Photoshop. On canvas, however, I go wild with fluoro markers, rhinestones, and bright acrylic paint. I really love colour and pattern.

Mr Acorah borrows a pen from Thefty to enable him to draw a moustache and glasses on his larger twin brother.

Can you remember the first piece of art you sold (and no, family members do not count)?

Of course! I got paid £20 to design a flyer for drum’n’bass club night in Oxford! That was in 2006, when I was a student. I was very excited.

Twenty pound? The Emporium would have offered you Twenty one pound fifty pence and a pair of second-hand earplugs.

Say the world was your canvas and you could create anything on any scale and anywhere (thank goodness one has run out of “any” examples) what would you do?

The list is a very long one. One ambition is to use my skills to raise awareness and funds for important scientific and environmental issues. I’m an artist, but I have two science degrees from uni (unusual, I know). I feel like I’d be well qualified to give science the makeover it deserves! Science is cool, kids.

Miss H’s shamefully poor attempt to plug her favourite band to Ms Maratheftis – one can only apologise.

How many blogs have you got up and running at the mo?

Two! My art blog (www.thefty.org) and my photography/inspiration blog, TOP 5 (www.top5photos.wordpress.com).

Who did you have a crush on in your youth?

Trent, the character from the MTV cartoon ‘Daria’. And Leonardo DiCaprio, of course.

The young Da Vinci – He may be easy on the eye – but he ruined “The Beach” and one blames him personally for that.

And finally, if you could turn back (as Cher once warbled) what words of wisdom and wonderment would you share with your younger self?

Not much. I’d just offer reassurance along the lines of ‘keep doing what you’re doing, it’s going to work out fine’. I think the older me is the one that could do with some advice! Ha!

“Still Young”

If you’d like to see more of Helena’s work (and the Emporium suggests “Yes”,  you do – and so you should) please be a-clicking on the following links …

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The Emporium gives a great big fuchsia thumbs up to the quite brilliant Ms Maratheftis and wishes her the very best of luck and success with regards to the future of her artistic creativeness!

Images © Helena Maratheftis