This morning I visited my most favouritist neighbour in the whole wide world, the lovely Maddy. I expected a cuppa (goes without saying), and that we would chat away the hours putting the world to rights with our infinite wisdom, talking about various other neighbours in ‘da block’ where we live and laughing.

While we were chatting Maddy showed me how to make a ‘Hank’.

‘Hank’ and friends, Cliff and Sylvia.

All you need to make one is a piece of cardboard, some wool, 6 elastic band, scissors, buttons and anything else that you might like to adorn your Hank with.

1. Wrap wool round and round the cardboard. How many times is entirely up to you. If you want a podgy Hank keep on going.

2. Remove wool from the cardboard and wrap an elastic band round and round to make a neck.

3. Turn Hank up-side-down and chop off his bottom so that his loopy bits become dangly bits.

4. Lay Hank on the table and divide his bottom, under the neck bits in to 3. The 2 outer bits should be thinner because they’ll be the arms. Wrap an elastic band around the bigger middle bit to make a waist.

5. Plat arms and wrap elastic bands around to make wrists. Divide and plat legs and put elastic bands around.

Now is time to use your imagination………

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