If you have never heard of Cyriak Harris, then perhaps you are the lucky ones, for you can live an existence that one can only dream of, for perhaps you can see the beauty in life, just perhaps you wake in the morning from a good nights sleep and you think to yourself “Today is a good day, a wholesome day, a day of beauty and splendour.”  Well, all this is about to change, as I grab you round the throat and burn images into your retinas that even Hieronymus Bosch would be proud of …

I am slightly lost for words – if anyone knows of a good enough caption for this picture – please write in and the prospect of an eternal damnation could be yours – it’ll cut down on those heating bills

Cyriak Harris is a naughty boy!  He has created animation that peels the skin off your torso and tickles your intestines with a large hammer.  He is a crossbreed betwixt The Aphex Twin and Terry Gilliam with a measure of MC Escher (not Hammer) tossed into an open wound!  The Emporium wonders how he can go about his “normal” activities (such as shopping, cleaning etc) knowing of what ludicrous and grotesque creations he has invented from his downright demonic and rude little brain.  Check out his “Poo Pants” (you never grow out of a funny Poo concept – unless you have watched “We Need to Talk About Kevin” – as no one is laughing there I can tell you) featuring a pop up appearance from Alan Titchmarsh (“Poo Pants” not “Kevin” although Kevin, Alan, it’s all the same surely).

“Excuse me please! Could you tell me what aisle the tomato soup is in?”

May we advise a word of warning to the faint hearted, be careful of Cyriak’s animation for he will get you!  You may find yourself thinking of his images in the wee small hours of the night, and quite possibly you may just find that “Poo Pants” or a slightly soiled pajama bottom, may be suitably apt for your disposition.  And this you can be sure of, you will never dream sweetly again!

If Sartre’s idea of hell was a room full of people (oh, come on!  If you want a better analagy of this , go read a book, will you), then mine would be “Baa” on a constant loop with it’s frolicking mutating lambs and its “Dinga, dinga, dinga, dinga” music, watching and listening and watching and listening and watching and listening and writhing and listless and no work or play makes Jack a dull boy!

Cyriak is the Gunther von Hagen (the behatted and misunderstood German famed for his plastination of dead bodies) of animation.  His workings are incredibly dark, sadistic and funny and we hope that he continues to poke our very sensitive and  exposed nerve endings in the same sadistic fashion for many years to come.  Amen!

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